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It’s time to turn the page for the entire collective consciousness. We have been repressed, programmed, manipulated and oppressed for thousands of years due to the false narratives that we were programmed to believe. Mother Earth 🌍 sustains our very existence has had her own heart chakra (gateway) opening and is ascending rapidly taking all of us with her. She knew in order to salvage universes she must do what every loving mother would do to save her children. She lives, she breaths, she has a consciousness and most of all she LOVES 💙💕💙 As she pulls us up into safety, lower consciousness will still be fighting it out and the ascended will be hugging it out. We have been labeled sleeping sheep 🐑 for too long. If our souls know one thing it is this: innately we know we must stick together to survive as a species. No separation, no color, no religion. Survival is the strongest instinct within us. Imagine if the herd of sheep woke up one day and said “hey, I’m tired of going in one direction. What if we decided to go in another direction” not towards the slaughter houses, but to the beautiful green pastures?” Its time to turn the page. It’s time to go in a different direction and it’s time to go within to know our true birthright and sovereignty’s. If you want to change the narrative of the same old divide and conquer adeage, then I urge you to trust what doesn’t feel right. There are many brave critical thinkers who are pairing up with their intuition, who are stepping up and encouraging others to take another direction. To turn the page so that we can finally rewrite old boring chapters and create new ones leading to a happy ending for all. Will you turn the page ? #turnthepage #newnarrative #sheepnomore #sleepnomore #motherearth #motherslove #wegotthis #thehappymedium #lovewillprevail #ascension #hindsight2020 #criticalthinking

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