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Harness your energy, access the world beyond, and discover your soul purpose


Everyone on earth has a purpose for being here, but it can be difficult to discover. Luckily, each of us has a guru residing inside—a spiritual guide to lead us on the path to fulfillment.

As “The Happy Medium,” Kim has reached beyond the realms of the known. Her gift allows her to see what many of us cannot: that the world is filled with distractions and barriers that can derail us from living our lives with meaning and purpose. By explaining spiritual laws—including divine oneness, balance, vibration, and resistance—and providing practical, illuminating exercises, Kim unlocks our spiritual toolbox to help us re-frame our world.

Wise and compassionate, Kim teaches us how to embrace love, reject fear, and rid ourselves of negativity bias, through a series of helpful quizzes and assignments that make it easy to discover who we are. Your Soul Purpose will empower readers to recognize love, leave their fear and egos at the door, and use the spiritual tools they already possess to fulfill their destiny. 

Your Soul Purpose

Psychic Medium

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Psychic Medium

The Happy Medium

Life Lessons From The Other Side

When she was nine years old, Kim Russo discovered she had an amazing gift—she could communicate with the dead. Deeply skeptical, she denied her talent for years. But as she gradually reconciled her ability with her religious beliefs, Kim embraced who she is—and ultimately accepted her soul’s mission as a voice for the spirit world.


Known as the “Happy Medium” for her authenticity, warmth, and her honest, positive readings, Kim has helped people from all walks of life to connect with those who have passed on. Now, this world-renowned medium demystifies the world of the dead for everyone. The key to understanding, she contends, is energy, which cannot be destroyed.


The Happy Medium interweaves experiences from Kim's life with some of the best, most astounding behind-the-scenes stories of her celebrity readings from episodes of her Lifetime show, The Haunting Of . . In addition, she gives you the tools to access the energy that is all around us, including the experiments and lessons she uses in many of her sold-out appearances and courses around the world. Following her mantra, “Let them lead you,” Kim shows you how to let the world of the dead guide you to greater understanding of life’s biggest questions. To purchase an autographed copy of Kim's book click below:

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Praise for The Happy Medium:


"I really enjoyed reading and savoring “The Happy Medium.”  In her brilliant and instructive new book, the gifted psychic medium, Kim Russo, graces us with deep spiritual wisdom, inspirational stories, and messages of hope from the other side.  Written in an easily accessible and conversational style, “The Happy Medium” is a truly important and courageous book that will help many people to understand their soul’s journey, to heal grief, and to let go of fear.  It is a book to be treasured, a book I highly recommend."

— Brian L. Weiss, M.D., author of Many Lives, Many Masters

"There are no such things as coincidences and The Happy Medium, Kim Russo,makes that loud and clear as she gives you the handbook to opening your heart, freeing your mind, aligning your chakras and  tapping into the energy that we're all born with.  Past life regressions, chilling ghost stories and the link from religion to psychic power are all tackled in these lessons from the other side. Be not afraid …and learn from one of the best”

— Vanessa Williams

"Once in a blue moon you get the opportunity to meet a person who can truly have an impact on your life - past, present and future.  Your destiny can be altered by the words they speak and the words they write.  This is your chance to meet that person intimately. In "The Happy Medium", Kim eloquently speaks from her heart and beyond.  With an open mind and spirit, join Kim on a journey of discovery, as she helps us understand and absorb 'Life Lessons from The Other Side'.  Bravo -finally a book that can help us understand our own trials and tribulations by imparting invaluable wisdom with unlimited possibilities.”

— Billy Ray Cyrus

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