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Hello Kim,


         I have been watching your show recently and it has helped me to believe again. I was having a bit of a crisis of faith. Nothing really caused it. I was just starting to question whether God and an afterlife even existed. As I get older "I am 63", I seem to question a lot of things I always took for granted. I just wanted to let you know you helped me and I thank you.  

Donna B.  ~


Hi Kim:


         I had a reading with you this last September.  I brought a picture of a Beatles Tribute Band that I'm friends with and you told me I was going to get an e-mail in October telling me about a gig they were going to be doing.  You asked me to let you know if it happened.  Well, it did!  Friday, October 28th I got an e-mail from the drummer about an upcoming show at the old Westbury Music Fair.  I wasn't shocked at all.  I have had 4 readings with you and everything you have always told me was right on the money.  Thank you for what you do.  You have comforted me in more than words can say.  Thank you for sharing your gift and God Bless you always.


With warm regards,

Donna M. ~

Dear Kim,


         I wanted to say Thank You for an unbelievable reading today for my sister Mary.  Your kindness and messages from Mike released such a burden that she has been carrying for a long time.  We were all holding our breath and praying that she got what she needed.  As a family, we all listened to her recording and shared in her happiness.  I have always said, that you are the Best Medium.  You always have compassion, knowledge, integrity, respect, I could keep going on.  You are first class always.  Thank You.... Please thank Anthony also for giving her such a quick appt.

 With a hug, xoxo

Eddie C. ~



         I had attended last night’s event at the Soundview and would like to thank you very much for the reading I received from my Dad the Fireman. When you told me that My Dad said that he was proud of me, it is more of a validation that he is here with me and to let me know that he hears what I say. I have always asked if he was proud of what I have accomplished in life. I always felt that I had let him down by not being a fireman and by hearing from you that he said he was proud of me lifted a big burden off my back. Thank you again and may God Bless you and your family always, 

Edward B. ~


Dear Kim....


    I am so grateful to you for my session yesterday.  When I left you, my heart felt lighter, my spirit renewed and so much more at peace than I have a in a very long time.  I've been sad (but never let it show..."Tears of a Clown") for too long.  I keep hearing your voice in my head when you said..."this is all reversible".  When all I kept thinking in the past that it's too late for me.  I feel like I could finally get back to the old me, however, new and improved. :*)

     I have shared the reading with my husband, as I listened to the recording of our session with him.  He was also very much in awe with all that came through and wanted me to thank you for your kind words and insight that you shared regarding his well-being.

   You're a very special person, Kim.  Not just for the special gift that you have been blessed with, and so generously share with myself and others.  Yet also for having a heart that makes people feel when they first meet you, like they are at home and with family or a very dear friend.

   A big hug to you filled with heartfelt thanks.  May God bless you and your family always.  I look forward to another session with you someday soon.

    Much love,

Gail  ~



         Thank for giving me such a great reading yesterday. And I want you to know that only because you told me I was pregnant, I ran out of your office, straight to the drug store and I tested positive 4 times!  I was in complete shock yesterday and so was my husband. Looking forward to seeing you again.  I'd love to set up a group reading in my home for some very troubled friends who can definitely be healed through your contact with deceased family members. Please let me know how I can set this up or if you can put me on a wait list.  Talk to you soon.

Nicole  ~


Dear Kim, 

         I don’t know where to begin. Or how to say thank you - which is an understatement. Your message to my daughter and I from my Mom meant so much. I will say after listening to the recording (over and over), I can see there had been messages that we completely misinterpreted. I think my mom wanted to mention my husband, but I completely over looked the chest pain he had and turned it into my mom passing.

         There is one thing I wanted to mention. My mom had wanted me to find out about Marilyn and the "boat" - I called her the next day. She had told me several weeks after my mom passed away, her husband John took my nephew out fishing. They no sooner went out and the steering went. They had to be towed in…. because the boat had broken down. This was, I would think my mom's validation that she sees what is going on since her passing. I could just go on and on with how many times you came through with pieces of our lives. 

         I left with more peace within my heart - it still breaks each day but at least I know my mom is with me. Thank you,

Kim ~


Dear Kim:

         Well, I have had a few days for it to sink in a little more and the more I reflect on my reading, or even listen to it again, the better I feel.  I cannot thank you enough for sharing your gift with others.  I am sure there are moments, or days, when you wonder if it is worth the sacrifices you have to make in your own life; well, I hope I help convince you that it is worth it.  

          Since my father passed away two years ago I have been struggling, really struggling.  Your reading allowed me to really connect with my father and know that he is with me and my family, and always will be.  Words fail here to convey the magnitude of the change and how much it meant to me.  I feel a sense of peace that has been absent from my life since my father's death.  My sister said she could hear it in my voice even over the phone.  That night I had my first real night of sleep in two years.  And the best part of it is that this feeling is staying with me.  I know that the bad days will still come but it is different now--life is different now.  I understand and I accept now that there really is a purpose for every twist and turn in our lives, good and bad.  I am just so thankful for the twist and turn (and for Gary, of course) that brought me to you.

Thank you again,

Alyssa  ~



Dear Kim:

         I could never thank you enough for the peace of mind you have given me on Friday.  My dad recently passed away, and this past Friday night was the most peaceful nights' sleep I've had since.

         Aside from the names you were right on target with,

the messages I thought I had been getting but of course was doubting were all confirmed by you.  For the first week and a half after my father's passing, I kept asking for a sign,

just so I'd know he made the transition okay.  I got in my car on this particular day and turned on the radio to a song

I had never heard before - "In My Daughter's Eyes" at that point I didn't know if this song was my sign or that I just 

desperately wanted to believe it was.  When I spoke with you on Friday, one of the first things you said was that my father said "Of course, the song in the car was for you." I cannot tell you what it means to me to have heard those words.

         The entire reading went that way and the joy that you brought to me in that conversation is one of the most precious things I have.

         I just wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart and hope that God continues to bestow on you this beautiful gift that you are sharing with people in need. THANK YOU.

Adele ~


Mrs. Russo, 

         If I could do this in person I would because I would love to give you a hug while saying thank you. I have watched many of your shows on tv. Fyi, I'm watching the haunting of Pennhurst at the moment. 

I want to thank you for many things. 

First for sharing your natural talent. Second for helping so many living and nonliving. 

         Last but not least. Thank you for showing me that people that see, feel, or hear what most can't are not strange, odd people. This stigma is what caused me to try and block what I sometimes see, feel, or hear. As I have gotten older though I'm opening back up because I see people like you helping. Thank you once again,

Bethany G. ~


         The last reading you gave at Morristown last night was one of the best things that could have happened to my wife. The reading was the most therapeutic session anyone could have ever imagined.

         I would just like to share what I thought were more than peculiarities/highlights of a very interesting reading. These are in reverse chronological order. When you spoke of the small scars on the stomach, I had prostate surgery in 2010 done with the DaVinci Robotic Machine. I have 5 or 6 small incisions (about the size of a thumbnail) on my stomach. I also had my appendix removed (which you mentioned) and two hernia surgeries. You also brought up someone with a mangled fingered. When I was a very young child, my father had a finger mangled under a lawn mower. He did not lose it but it was chopped up pretty bad. You also mentioned the initials "J" &"A". My parents’ names were JOSEPH and ANNA.

         On the next reading, you kept bringing up the names Joe & Josephine. My father's name was Joe, my middle name is Joseph, my brother's middle name is Joseph, my mom's oldest sister was Josephine who married a Joe who was then my Godfather and also my Uncle Joe whose Edmund drowned in the Susquehanna. Many connections to "JOE".

        The reading went a very long way! Thank you so much for extending yourself the way you did.


Best regards, 

Tom ~

Hi, Kim!

         Before I picked up your book, “The Happy Medium,” I didn’t know much about you... and I only had a slight understanding about myself.
         I’ve been a deep lover and avid, hungry researcher of all things of the occult since the age of nine. Psychic phenomena, astrology, numerology, miracles and healings, past lives, crystals, the chakra system, dimensions of consciousness, angels and spirit guides, tarot—you name it! I believed deep down that everyone is intuitive and can develop psychic abilities, even if they didn’t use them from birth. I do my personal best. However, I’ve not yet experienced heightened interaction with the spirit realm in the way most people would think is notable. 
         It would seem that as many real issues as I have to wrestle with in my immediate reality, the nagging sense of having purpose and constantly being drawn to—and called to engage—the other side would make no sense. Here I was, reading your book as “just another interesting thing.” I was beginning to think I was doomed to be only an enthusiast, but never able to connect with the spirit world in a real way. I was beginning to think maybe I was just crazy, and was probably overthinking about being an intuitive. Being a lover of secret knowledge and metaphysics doesn’t make me an empath, HSP, or an intuitive, right? But, let me tell you the cool thing that brought hope into my heart:  When you wrote about how you were electrocuted as a child. 
         When I was two years old, I was curious enough to stick a hair pin in an electrical socket. The force of the current ran through my body and threw me across the room. The hot substance that was the hair pin melted on my index finger and thumb of my right hand, and I have had cool U-shaped scars on them ever since. (Lol) But until I read your book, the significance of that event, and my growth into the overly sensitive, empathic person I am today didn’t click with me.
         You wrote that more than 60% of psychics had been electrocuted before the age of ten, and I was floored. And, then my curiosity about the spirit world and its workings seemed to make so much more sense. Even the nightmares I used to have as a child. I’m not writing you for a personal reading or anything. I just want to say thank you for following Spirit’s guidance to practice mediumship and help so many people—on this plane of existence and beyond—find their purpose, peace, and healing. Thanks for renewing my belief in myself and my purpose here. 

Reewantae ~


        Greetings from the UK! I have been watching your show The Haunting Of .......on cable and it has literally taken my breath away.
         You get right to the bottom of the issue and help solve the issues for these people in a straight forward and compassionate way. I have watched many a similar show but yours is the most impressionable I have come across.
         So I thought I would drop you a line just to say so because sometimes I feel it is nice to have a positive compliment to lift you up. 
         Looking forward to the next show! Kindest regards

Nina C. ~


Hi Kim:

          I grew up with a father with a gift rather like yours.  Be very glad you live in today's society.  My Dad was born in 1922 and at the age of 6 was held down and burned on his whole mouth with fire for being a witch.  He prayed to die and was hit by a fire truck and pronounced dead.  During that time, he visited Heaven and was told many things to come in his life and was sent back.  He sat up 20 minutes later and scared the heck out of everybody.  He was the kindest of men and his beliefs and wisdom have lived on in me, my sister, our children and is now being passed to his great grandchildren.  None of us has any fear of death, only awe of what is to come.  I can see the kindness in your eyes and know that like our family, you will be imparting beliefs and wisdom to your children that will have a huge lasting effect through the generations.  I always get an elevated, happy feeling whenever I watch your show. Your actions and words show that you truly do care about helping the people that you come into contact with. I always feel somehow cleansed while watching your show, that all of my problems can melt away and that I have the ability to make it happen.

Alexandra M. ~

Hi Kim, 

         Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much we love your show here in Sydney, Australia.

My husband and I watch it every night and absolutely love the insight you give into the spirit world and the afterlife. We feel we have learned so much about the life of souls, reincarnation, karma, and everything in between. You have such an amazing gift and doing your show, really helps people like us get a better insight into the mystery of the other side. It is totally intriguing and a joy to watch. It also puts life experience into perspective and has encouraged us to live this life with more joy, acceptance, kindness and love. We would love you to come to Sydney, you would have a sell-out show no doubt. Please do consider it! Much appreciation, and a huge thank you for having the courage to show your insights to the world.

Eleanor S. ~

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