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Can you feel an energetic shift ? As the dark forces continue to influence and roam freely on our planet, the light gets brighter & brighter. I’ve said many times before, we are fighting a spiritual war and these forces of dark vs light are kicking it up on our world stage. From a higher perspective, we are purging big time. Whatever is out of alignment with Universal Laws, will be transformed or dismantled for good. “Fear Not” is the message my spiritual team is repeatedly whispering in my ear. Our thoughts create our reality. It is critical and crucial to stay courageous and choose the outcome we wish to have. What is different about this time in history than any other time? The veils have finally been lifted away from our eyes as we rise up to a new level of expanded consciousness through the gateways of our hearts. We can finally see clearly. It is no coincidence that we have been given 20/20 vision in the year of 2020. As humanity purges the lower vibrational energy patterns that it has been carrying around for way too long (fear, hatred & anger), it is going through its own dark night of the soul. We can’t unite with the light until we travel through the darkness. Many have already gone through this process and are ready and willing to hold space and light for those who are still experiencing fear. Healers and light-workers have been preparing for this mission their entire lives and are now blanketing our earthly planet, as well as our spiritual realms, ready to assist in any way possible. Although it may not seem to be the case, the light is winning and will win. Please put on your spiritual Armor and “FEAR NOT”. You are all mighty warriors of God and are being asked to step up your game NOW. Remember who you are and remember you are never alone ❤️ Sending you all much love and light ✨✨#wegotthis #love #planetaryawakening #godalwayswins #ascension #exitthematrix #gohigher #raiseyourvibe #wehavehelp #thelightalwayswins

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