Welcome to my online store. Many of you have expressed interest in tools that I use to assist me in keeping my energy clean and

my vibration high; especially when I am working with all sorts of energy from various entities.  Now I can share these same tools with you right here in my online store.


As many of you are empaths like myself, it is very important to practice self-care as often as possible in order to avoid emotional debris that doesn't belong to you. Empaths are psychic sponges and without taking protective measures, they are often prone to other people's low or negative energy.  Energy can be transferred from one person to another just by standing next to each other.  If you do not protect your space, energy from outside influences can very easily cling to you resulting in energetic blockages and a lowered vibration. It is not only important to keep your body's immune system healthy and strong, but it is just as important to keep your spiritual immune system protected and your vibration high to avoid the negative psychic attacks that can be found just about any place you go. Don't be fooled, as these attacks are not always intentional by others and are not always recognizable at first sight.


All items and descriptions are listed on each product in my online store, however, here you can find further instructions on how I use these items.  I hope you enjoy these tools as much as I do.  Do not hesitate to drop me a line to share your experiences once you have practiced using these items.  Thank you for stopping by !!

Crystals - Natural Elements of the Earth 


Crystals are natural elements of the earth and each one carries their own unique properties and vibrations.  Crystals are not just pretty to look at, they are always willing and able to assist you for the highest good of all concerned. Did you know that having a good set of crystals is like have a magic genie in your back pocket ? Okay, let me explain. I believe, like anything else that is destined to cross your path, crystals can find their way to you as well. Opportunities will arise to have you notice them - just like you found your way to this store. Or sometimes, a friend can randomly gift you their favorite crystal when they feel it has done its job for them and they assign it out for more mission work. Crystals go to work for you the moment they come in to your life; But first, you must program them with intentions. Once you know what properties each crystal carries, you can harness and utilize the energy while you set very clear intentions. During intention setting, energy waves from your thought patterns sync directly with the crystals, and in a short time, the crystals will become programmed to help to bring  your desired outcomes. I recommend using the energy of the crystals before you start your day so in order to have heightened energy, clear intentions and goals in place. Get to know them and their vibrations. You can put them in the area that you work, i.e., on your desk. You can hold them as you meditate knowing that your prayers and intentions are being infused into the crystals.  You can hold them one at a time, or together.  You can wear them, carry them in your pocket or purse, and you can even sleep with them under your pillow. They will calibrate with your vibrations and thoughts and will know exactly what to do from there.

Please know that there is no wrong or right way to use your crystal set.  The crystals should be seen as your partner, and as a tool that will assist you in your everyday life; especially when you need that extra boost from the Universe. I have put together different crystal kits just for you ! Whatever you are trying to manifest or bring into your life, you can bet there is a crystal that is ready to assist. Sit back and watch the magic happen !

Click Here to browse various crystal kits available for purchase.  Included in the product descriptions, you can read about the crystal descriptions and the properties they possess.  More kits will be added shortly.

Palo Santo   - The Holy Wood or Wood of the Saints 

Palo Santo is a Spanish term, which literally means “holy wood (or stick) and Wood of the Saints. It derives from a citrus tree with a potent aroma that resembles frankincense and myrrh. The oil from the wood also works with the Sacral Chakra, enhancing creativity and balances sexual energy. It brings pleasure and confidence. It is the most powerful antioxidant and is known to provide physical and spiritual benefits by cleansing the aura of any unwanted spirits or lower vibrating attachments. Sometimes we can become energy magnets without even realizing it, allowing other people’s negative thoughts or influences to stick to us like glue. Upon smudging the aura and environment with this cleansing smoke, the immune system becomes stronger as it is clear and begins to vibrate higher. Vibrating higher will attract other highly vibrating people into your space. As the saying goes, your vibe attracts your tribe. Although Palo Santo is an old method of cleansing and healing, it is still widely used by many healers and shamans and has been passed down from generation to generation. In addition to energy and spiritual work, Palo Santo repels mosquitoes, and is traditionally used to fight the common cold, relieves headaches, anxiety and helps with depression. I use Palo Santo when I meditate and when I want to open my Chakras to allow Divine wisdom to flow through me as I channel healing messages as well as to dispel negativity that may have latched on during the course of the day.

Instructions for use: To burn, light the stick holding it at an angle and let it burn until it smokes. Make sure you do not burn the stick near any flammable materials. Gently blow out the flame or wave the stick from side to side to produce smoke. You may help guide the smoke by blowing or waiving your hands towards the desired direction. You may even use a long winged feather (make sure to get in to all hard to reach areas or small nooks and crannies).   To cleanse a home or any physical area, you may wander around the space allowing the sacred smoke to dispel heavy or negative energy. When you are clearing your physical body, or someone else's, wave the smoking stick around the whole body, concentrating on areas of concern, where stress accumulates and where blockages may be present.


Although the properties of most of the tools I use speak for themselves, you can add extra power to any cleansing ritual or blessing with the power of intention. Words cast spells that is why we associate the meaning of words with the word "Spelling".  With any intention or prayer, intentions should always be for the highest good of ALL concerned.


An example of a blessing to use while burning your stick can go something like this:

"Great Creator, I come to you with an open heart.  With the highest intention and purity, and for the highest good of all concerned, I agree to humbly call upon the sacred smoke and ask that it align with my energy and intentions.   I request and agree to have this sacred smoke cleanse my mind, body and spirit and to purify, protect and bless this space. I ask that as this sacred stick burns, its smoke will burn off and carry away all negativity, fears and unwanted attachments that are weighing me down.  When the smoke is cleared, my vibration is high and I am left with lighter energy filled with joy, love and peace.  And so it is.  I Thank you Great Creator and I am forever grateful".

When finished, place the stick in a heat resistant container. The embers will eventually go out.  You will be able to use a single stick multiple times.

PLEASE NOTE:  PALO SANTO STICKS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE WITH SELECT CRYSTAL KITS. I do not sell them individually.  Click Here to browse the various kits available.

** Always use caution when working with fire and burn in a well-ventilated area and keep away from children and pets when lit **


Chakra Votive Candles Infused with Soothing Essential Oils

Lighting a candle for a particular purpose or intention has been practiced worldwide from people of all walks of life with various spiritual and religious beliefs. A candle can be lit for various reasons; be it a prayer for healing, a prayer for blessings or a prayer for peace and joy. As souls, we are all sparks of the ONE LIGHT and we are always being led back to our true nature. Innately we search for the light to help illuminate and guide us to our destiny and to our true Soul Purpose.  The flame of the candle symbolizes bringing our wishes and desires into manifestation, or to bring to light. Let the flame represent your inner lantern, helping to guide you out of darkness.


Prior to lighting your votive candle, place it in a sturdy container away from any curtains or flammable materials.  Keep your candle away from all children and pets.  Never leave a lit candle unattended.


Once you are ready to light your candle, sit in silence for a few moments. Release any thoughts of negativity lingering in your mind. Allow only positive thoughts to filter in. If any unrelated thoughts slip through, simply put them aside for a future time. Silently repeat a heartfelt intention or a positive affirmation statement. Release your need to have your prayer answered in one particular way over another.  Allow Spirit to find the best spark to ignite the light to help guide you on your path to enlightenment.

Below please find descriptions of the Intention Candles I offer in my store: Please NOTE: Candles are not sold separately.  They are included with select crystal kits.  You can browse the different selections by clicking Here.


The Heart Chakra Green Votive Candle: This candle is offered in the "All You Need is Love" kit.  It has a mild clean scent as it is infused with a mixture of lavendin and orange organic essential oils. This blend is delightful and soothing.  The Heart Chakra is located in the middle of your chest near the breast bone. In Sanskrit or in the yoga tradition, the word Anahata refers to the Heart Space and it means unhurt, unstuck and unbeaten.  When we open up the Heart Chakra, we begin to connect to higher states of consciousness and higher divine realms.  This energy center allows for the manifestation of hightened awareness and manifestation of love towards oneself and others.  It is an energetic gateway to usher in truth, affection, compassion, acceptance, gratitude and kindness.  It allows us to both give and to receive love.  It is the Chakra of miracles.

The Solar Plexus (Power Center) Yellow Votive Candle: This candle is offered in the "Protection Kit".  Its color is just as vibrant as the Sun herself. It has a warm citrus-like scent and is infused with a mixture of organic essential oils (Bergamot, lime & grapefruit). This candle helps you to connect to your power center also known as "Chi" or life force or personal power, shielding negative influences and encouraging you to take any power back you willingly or unwillingly gave away to others. It leads to your own unique gifts in work, art and service, bringing harmony and peace into your life. Used with the best intentions for all concerned, It can help give you the self-esteem, courage and determination to tackle your highest potential.