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Calling All "EMPATHS" - Observe vs Absorb

Dismantling of our old paradigm can trigger the predominate emotion of FEAR. This encompasses confusion, anxiety, anger, hate and tremendous depression. We are all connected to ONE energy grid - One collective consciousness. We are all plugged in to each other. We can all feel this energy through our energetic bodies. Our nervous systems are now being upgraded and are extremely sensitive. Coupled with the feeling’s of your fellow man, this pain can feel overwhelming and may be hard to escape. We must all make a conscious effort to stay focus and grounded. Observe each thought coming in and ask yourself what each thought is triggering for you. Allow them in, but let them pass through you as you release your own shadows. Being aware of the emotions you are allowing to filter in, is the only way to consciously shift from a lower into a higher gear. Observe the emotions with compassion and love for yourself and for others, but don’t let them live in your consciousness unless they derive from LOVE 💕 Do your part to be the change you would like to see. If you fall, allow others to lift you. We must all lift each other NOW. We MUST lift. We WILL lift. ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ #letslift #observedontabsorb #doyourpart #actionsmatter #youcandoit #youwerebornforthis #yoursoulpurpose #thehappymedium #ascension #liftwithlove

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